Landscape Lighting

Have you ever passed by a gorgeous home and said “WOW that lighting is beautiful!” It is not too bright and not too soft. There is an art to landscape lighting and we believe we have mastered it. Using the best solid brass fixtures and the latest LED bulbs, we can create that “WOW” effect at your home. We accent your homes peaks and architecture, illuminate your trees, flowers and paths, and create beauty and security at night. Your beautiful lighting can be operated by digital timers that virtually never need adjustment with changing seasons or power failures.


Unlike some of our competition we have been installing generator systems for over 20 years. We have satisfied customers with generators as old as 15 years or more that are still going strong. Installing a permanent generator connected to your home’s natural gas supply, is the most convenient and effective way to get emergency power. The system uses an automatic transfer switch which will start and transfer power from your generator automatically within seconds of a power outage. It’s also a smart system! It exercise’s your generator weekly. It won’t allow your generator to be affected by momentary power surges when the power fluctuates on and off during storms. It can tell when it’s being overloaded and automatically turn off specific appliances so the generator can continue to run smoothly.

Portable Generator Connection

Do you have a portable gasoline generator that you want connected to your home? Rather than run extension cords and constantly plug and unplug what you need to power, get connected! We can set up a simple one plug connection straight to your electric panel. Power your heat, sump pump, refrigerator and lights with no extension cords. We install all the necessary equipment and wiring, which allows you to connect your Portable Generator to your home safely and simply! This is the simple and cost effective alternative to a permanently installed generator.

Roof and Gutter Deicing

When ice clogs your gutters and the melting snow on your roof cannot escape, water will find its way into your home. The water can back up under your roof shingles and into your ceilings. You will notice stains on your ceiling or wall and possibly even water dripping into your home. This may only be the tip of the damage being done by ice damming. Wet insulation and moisture can cause mold, warp your hardwood flooring, and cause structural rotting. Using roof and gutter deicing cables we can allow the melting snow and ice to escape thru your gutters and down to the ground where it belongs. We go above and beyond standard installation procedures to be sure the cables are attached to your roof securely despite the wind and rain.

Interior Lighting

We will design and install beautiful lighting in your home or business. We work with recessed, track, cove, display, under cabinet, and inside cabinet lighting. We install chandeliers, ceiling fans, wall sconces, vanity lights and decorative lighting of all types. Wilder Electrical Contracting works with many local architects and designers. We know the latest trends and are happy to share our ideas. 

New Construction and Renovation

We would be happy to assist you with your new construction project or renovation. Working with your general contractor, or project manager is no problem.

  • Kitchens
  • Baths
  • Libraries
  • Basements
  • Commercial Spaces

Wiring and Repairs

  • Knob & Tube Wire Elimination
  • Aluminum House Wiring Repairs
  • Switches and Outlets
  • Appliances
  • Bath Fans
  • Expert Troubleshooting of Any Electrical Problem

Electric Breaker Panels and Services

  • Service Upgrades to 200, 300, 400, 600 amp and Higher
  • Federal Pacific Panel Replacement
  • Electric Panel or Fuse Box Replacement or Relocation
  • Underground Electric Services

Additional Electrical Contracting Services:

  • Interior Lighting and Design, Recessed & Cabinet Lighting
  • “Sonos”  Home Audio Systems (Smart Phone Controlled)
  • Flat Screen TV’s with Surround Sound
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Electric Garage Heaters
  • Replacing Outdated Wiring and Panels
  • Portable Generators Safely Connected to Power Your Entire Home
  • Wiring of Spas and Pools
  • Internet  Wiring & Wi-Fi Signal Boosters
  • Security Lighting
  • Anything Electrical!